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Desired future interdisciplinary professional.

This program aims to provide mentorship, professional development opportunities, training for careers outside of academia, communication training, and an emphasis on societal implications of one’s research in order to better prepare graduate students for success. In addition, this program is designed to attract women and others who experience institutionalized barriers in order to obtain careers in STEM, which is why the program emphasizes community engagement in order to translate ones’ research to societal change. More importantly, we hope to ground all Trainees’ research in the needs of and knowledge inherent in communities.

  • Curriculum: Develop curricula that provides a common vocabulary and strong foundation in circular resource, water, and energy systems, professional ethics, intercultural competence, leadership, and teamwork
  • Creativity: Catalyze and advance interdisciplinary STEM-based science, engineering, and policy research in circularity, including water reuse, waste “upcycling,” and resource (including energy) recovery, enabling graduates of the program to serve as leaders in the circular world of tomorrow
  • Contact: Create a platform through which internships in practice are seamlessly incorporated into the graduate experience/thesis/dissertation for real world experience, mentoring, and career exploration 
  • Culture: Build a culture of inclusivity within which divergent perspectives are intentionally elicited and appreciated and one’s impact identity is explored
  • Communication: Design a program that builds critical skills for success and connects the community, government, industry, and the University in the development and implementation of circular solutions