Advising Faculty

Mae Davenport bio pic

Mae Davenport

Department of Forest Resources

Research: Human dimensions of natural resources and recreation management

Trainee: Kowsar D. Mohamed

Frank Douma bio

Frank Douma

Master of Public Policy; Urban and Regional Planning

Research: Rural development; transportation planning; urban and regional planning; infrastructure finance

Trainees: Mallory Prangley & Danielle Sindelar

Joshua Feinberg bio pic

Joshua Feinberg

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Research: Using a combination of geophysical approaches, material characterization techniques, and field geology methods to critically examine a broad range of scientific problems

Trainee: Mikala Hammer

Joshua Gamble bio

Joshua Gamble

Department of Soil, Water, and Climate

Research: Agroecology, Cropping Systems, Agronomy

Trainee: Robin Sehler

Edward Goetz bio pic

Edward Goetz

Master of Urban and Regional Planning; PhD in Public Affairs

Research: Race and ethnicity; urban and regional planning; housing policy and planning; income inequality and poverty

Trainee: Sylvie Guezeon

Sarah Hobbie bio pic

Sarah E. Hobbie

Department of Forest Resources

Research: All areas of ecosystem ecology: the influence of changes in atmospheric composition, element cycling, and climate on ecosystem processes; the effects of urbanization and suburbanization on biogeochemical cycles; and the influence of diversity, especially plant species composition, on biogeochemical processes

Trainee: Alexandra Griffin

Jessica Lamb bio pic

Jessica R. Lamb

Department of Chemistry

Research: Polymer chemistry, organic chemistry, energy & catalysis, inorganic & organometallic

Trainees: Rolando Calderon-Oliver and Luc Wetherbee

Leonard F Marquart bio

Leonard F. Marquart

Food, Science, & Nutrition

Research: Whole grains and health; individual, environmental and behavioral factors influencing barriers, motivators and consumption of whole grain foods; examining supply change related to the gradual incorporation of whole grain food into children's diets through school foodservice

Trainee: Rick Beckel

Lynn Walker bio pic

Lynn Walker

Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Research: Develop tools and understanding to efficiently process soft materials and complex fluids.

Trainee: Jamie Schuberth

Boya Xiong bio

Boya Xiong

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering

Research: polymer science, environmental chemistry, and membrane material science

Trainee: Sarah Ziemann