Internships are a required component of the NRT Circularity Impact Program, and they should broadly address challenges and solutions related to achieving a circular economy. The NRT program aims to have internships provide a professional experience that complements the students' academic research and studies. If applicable, the work conducted during the internship should appear in the body or appendix of a student's capstone, professional paper, thesis, or dissertation, although this is not a requirement. Another goal of the internship is for students to gain real-world experience in a field they are interested in and to build relationships with and learn from professionals.

Internships should last three to six months in duration with a partner organization (corporations, government or non-governmental organizations) and will likely take place during the summer after the first year of a Master's program or the summer after the second or third year of a Ph.D. program. Paid internships will be prioritized for Trainees who do not receive funding through the NRT program.

New industry, government, and non-governmental organizations are invited to partner with this program and offer paid and unpaid internships to the Trainees. Please complete this form to express interest in providing an opportunity for Trainees.

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