Seminar Series Spring 2024

NRT Students: choose two seminars from the list below. More seminars will be added throughout the semester.

Click here for the rubric & reflection document to fill out during the seminar and bring to our next cohort meeting.

Date Time (CST)TitleDescriptionPresenterLocationNotes
Mon. Jan 2212:00 - 1:30pmConference of Parties 28 Talk-Back: UMN Delegation Takeaways from DubaiHear from a panel of UMN observer delegates to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28. They'll share experiences, impressions, and takeaways.Hosted by UMN's Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental PolicyHybrid, register for Zoom link or Josie Johnson Community Room 180, Humphrey School, 301 19th Ave S. Mpls, MN 55455Register here.
Tues. Jan 2311:30am -12:30pmEngineering Materials for a Sustainable FutureMultidisciplinary engineering is critical at all stages of sustainable materials scenarios: design, scale-up and manufacturing, and end-of use.Yael Vodovotz (Professor at OSU) and Jennifer Dionne (Sr. Associate Vice Provost at Stanford)Online webinarRegister here. Hosted by the NSF Engineering Research Visioning Alliance
Thurs. Jan. 2511:30am - 1:00pmIonE Introduction to Systems ThinkingLearn about systems thinking: a skill that helps leaders and organizations examine and simplify complexity, recognize patterns, and create effective solutions to challenges.Dr. Julia Frost NerbonneHybrid: IonE 1954 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108 and ZoomRegister here, hosted by the Institute on the Environment
Fri. Jan. 269:05 - 10:00amAn Artist's View of ReciprocitySean has dedicated the past 9 years to protecting and restoring Bde Psin Lake Hiawatha using an interdisciplinary art practice that benefits the ecology and community.Sean ConnaughtyCivil Engineering Room 202Hosted by Environmental Engineering; no registration
Fri. Feb. 212:00 - 1:00pmHealth, Equity, & Climate ChangeUnderstand key equity issues that climate changes gives rise to and health threats of climate change.Julian Sheather, PhD, Consultant, World Health OrganizationOnlineRegister here. Hosted by UMN Center for Bioethics
Fri. Feb. 21:30 - 2:15pmCatalyzing the Renaissance of American Mining to Enable the Energy TransitionThe Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) will share about its advances in high-potential, high-impact energy technologies that are too early for private-sector investment. Wicks's area of focus at ARPA-E is on waste-to-energy technologies.Douglas Wicks, PhD, program director of the ARPA-EAttend via ZoomNo registration needed.
Mon. Feb. 512:00 - 1:00pmWhat Will We Eat in 2040?Hear from a policy expert and advocate who focuses on resilient food systems and agriculture and international trade.Sophia Murphy, Executive Director, Institute for Agriculture and Trade PolicyHybrid: Josie Johnson Community Room 180 (Humphrey School) or onlineRSVP here for this free, hybrid event; lunch served. Hosted by the UMN Center for Science, Technology, & Environmental Policy.
Fri. Feb. 912:00 - 1:00pmAdvancing UMN Climate Action via Research & TrainingConnect with faculty across disciplines to generate project ideas to support the UMN Twin Cities Climate Action Plan.Hosted by the UMN Office of SustainabilityOnlineRegister here.
Mon. Feb. 1212:00 - 1:00pmEquity v. Efficiency in Environmental Policy: A Mississippi River CaseHear about Prof. Keeler's work researching the value of a cleaner Mississippi River with the goal of centering environmental justice and informing federal water policy.Prof. Bonnie KeelerHybrid: Josie Johnson Community Room 180 (Humphrey School) or onlineRSVP here for this free, hybrid event; lunch served. Hosted by the UMN Center for Science, Technology, & Environmental Policy.
Tues. Feb. 1312:00 - 1:15pmAchieving Net-Zero at a County Level: MN & Germany Learn from Each OtherAchieving net-zero in the race to address climate change requires both political leadership and holistic technical solutions. Counties are a key arena where solutions need to be implemented–in Minnesota and in Germany.Prof. Christof Wetter and Prof. Elmar Bruegging, FH Muenster University of Applied SciencesWilkins Room 215, Humphrey School of Public AffairsRegister here. Free, light refreshments served.
Wed. Feb. 143:30 - 4:45pmEngineering Design for Wicked Problems in Energy: A Case Study of Offshore RenewablesTo slow the effects of a changing climate, global policymakers are assigning
unprecedented resources to decarbonizing electricity generation. Accordingly, renewable energy is becoming more abundant and less expensive, though challenges to development still exist.
Bryony DuPont, Oregon State UniversityMechanical Engineering 1130Hosted by the Mechanical Engineering department. No registration.
Thurs. Feb. 1510:00 - 11:00amDefining "Reuse" for PolicymakersAs the legislative session ramps up, we'll discuss how to define reusable packaging in the policy context.Nathan Dufour (Zero Waste Europe), Matt Littlejohn (Oceana), Sydney Harris (Upstream)OnlineRegister here.
Thurs. Feb. 22 (tentative)11:30am - 1:00pmInterdisciplinary Scholarship WorkshopLearn from a panel of researchers and practitioners who lead interdisciplinary research and scholarship.Hosted by the Institute on the EnvironmentHybrid: IonE 1954 Buford Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108 and ZoomRegister here, hosted by the Institute on the Environment
Thurs. Feb. 223:00 - 4:00pmWorkshop: Getting the Most Out of Co-AuthorshipGraduate students discuss opportunities and challenges of collaboration.UMN Graduate SchoolOnlineRegister here.
Wed. Feb. 289:00am - 3:00pmBuilding Partnerships to Advance Ethical Research: Collaborators, Communities, & CompaniesJoin experts for a unique conference on how to build partnerships with investigators, communities, clinical research professionals, and companies to promote the ethical conduct and translation of research. Seventeen distinguished speakers, see list here.OnlineRegister here.
Thurs. Feb. 294:00 - 5:00pmDrawn to STEM: The Integration of Visualization Into Education Through Comics and Animation To Improve LearningSee and learn about the benefits of visual instruction  in STEM education.Dr. Lucas Landherr, Chemical Engineering, Northeastern UniversityTate Hall B20 and onlineLink to the Zoom, hosted by the Dept of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Fri. March 110:10 - 11:10amCharting Technology Development Pathways for a Circular BioeconomyBeyond maximizing efficiencies and minimizing cost, Guest introduces a standardized process to innovate new technologies and systems.Jeremy S. Guest, University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignHybrid: CEGE building room 210 and online.For Zoom link, register here.
Fri. March 112:00 - 1:00pmInequality & the Environment: Moving from Science to Action that Advances Environmental Justice & Health EquityThe accelerating impacts of climate change are having additional disproportionate effects on minoritized populations. This talk will discuss structural determinants of environmental health disparities and community-engaged research.Lara Cushing, PhD, MPH at UCLAOnlineRegister here.
Thurs. March 146:00 - 8:00pmNetworking Event: Energy & Environment Student GroupsJoin energy and environment student groups from the Humphrey School, Carlson, & Law School to meet alumni and professionals.UMN Alumni and professionals in the energy and environment fieldsHumphrey Forum, 301 S. 19th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55455RSVP here. Drinks and appetizers served.
Wed. March 206:00 - 7:30pmArtist Talk: "Perspectives on Water"Join for a conversation between multiple Native American experts about water: history, industrial impacts on water, inter-species connections, climate change, and shifting relationships between humans and water.Ceramic artist Courtney M. Leonard (Shinnecock), Dr. Kate Beane, Vicente Diaz, and Dr. Roxanne Biidabinokwe GouldWeisman Art Museum, 333 E. River Road, Minneapolis, MN 55455Registration required. Free or sliding scale donation.

Attend 1 seminar before March 22 when we meet as a cohort to debrief.

Wed. March 2712:00 - 1:00pmBicycles as a Social & Community Development Strategy - An International PerspectiveBicycles play an important role in transportation, health, and sustainability. Hear about how they also address pressing issues in rural communities around the world.Mitchell McSweeney (UMN Professor) and Janet Otte (Ugandan Researcher) OnlineRegister here for this free, online webinar.
Thurs. March 283:30 - 4:30pm(In)Justice Series: Everything is Connected: Indigenous Ecological Knowledge & PracticesHow do Indigenous knowledges shape environmental policy, governance, and science? How can a broader understanding of these knowledges reshape the future?Wendy F. K’ah Skáahluwáa Todd (University of Minnesota Duluth) and Clint Carroll (University of Colorado Boulder)Hybrid: Best Buy Theater in Northrop and OnlineRegister here to receive the webinar link.
Thurs. March 284:00 - 5:00pmThe Mineral-Security NexusKey issues surrounding critical minerals and the challenges both from a human, national, and environmental security perspective.Tom Hale, PhD Candidate, University of DelawareHybrid: Tate Hall B20 or OnlineVisit this site to receive the Zoom link.
Fri. March 2910:00am - 3:00pmField Trip to the MN LegislatureHead to Minnesota's capitol to learn how the legislative process works, observe live sessions, and meet local representatives.Hosted by the Institute on the EnvironmentIn person, details provided upon registering.Register here; space is limited.
Tues. April 212:00 - 1:30pmYour Brain on Art: How the Arts Transform UsUnderstand the field of neuroaesthetics, the transdisciplinary study of how the arts and aesthetic experiences measurably change the body, brain, and behavior.Susan MagsamenVirtual on Zoom.Register here.
Wed. April 1011:30am- 12:30pmIntermediaries in Industrial Decarbonization in MinnesotaExplore and examine the intermediaries in industrial decarbonization efforts in MN.Elise HarringtonWilkins Room in the Humphrey SchoolLunch provided: register here.
Thurs. April 119:00 - 10:45am and/or 11am - 12:30pm

The Rights of Nature vs. Human Rights?

Struggles for environmental, racial, and gender justice in Colombia, Ecuador, and the U.S.

Coffee and refreshments from 8:30-9am. First panel discussion at 9am: Law and Rights of Nature Across the Americas. Second panel at 11am: Women Activists and the Rights of Nature Across the Americas.Speakers TBA, moderated by Dr. Amanda Lyons and Dr. Christina EwigCowles Auditorium, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 301 19th Ave. SouthRegister to Attend. Hosted by the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy, Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Wed. April 175:30 - 6:30pmAdvancing Climate Solutions. Now.Ojiambo will discuss her role at the UN Global Compact, to advance sustainability measures with corporate partners around the world.Sanda Ojiambo, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations & ED and CEO Of UN Global CompactHybrid: Cowles Auditorium in the Humphrey School and onlineRegistration required for in-person and online attendance
Thurs. April 2511:30am - 1:00pmCommunity Engaged ScholarshipExplore partnering with relevant groups or communities to enhance academic research quality and impact.Hosted by the Institute on the EnvironmentOn ZoomRegister here; Hosted by the Institute on the Environment